Newborn Dalmatian Costume

Newborn Dalmatian Costume
Newborn Dalmatian Costume

Newborn Dalmatian Costume

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A Newborn Dalmatian Costume?! This is just too much. ItÕs too cute. I donÕt know if IÕm going to be able to handle this. Okay. Okay. It passed, I think IÕm going to be okay. Seriously, though? A Baby? A puppy? A costume? Oh man. Hoo birds. I donÕt even have the words for this. ItÕs a baby thatÕs also a puppy. ThatÕs like a ReeseÕs Peanut Butter Cup, but human and on Halloween.

What genius came up with the Newborn Dalmatian Costume? I want to shake that personÕs hand. I want to see the gears at work of someone that comes up with something this inspired, this impossibly cute. I think you need to get in on this magic ASAP. Costume comes with a chenille and flannel jumpsuit, head piece, and bone rattle. Check out what might be the cutest costume of all time with the Newborn Dalmatian Costume. It combines babies and puppies. WhatÕs not to love?

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0-6 Months, 6-12 Months and 12-18 Months
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Jumpsuit, Headpiece, and Rattle