Womens Fairy Wig - Blonde

Womens Fairy Wig - Blonde
Womens Fairy Wig - Blonde

Womens Fairy Wig - Blonde

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Choosing this as an addition to your costume should be fairy obvious! Get it? Pretty good, right? Anyways, the Women's Fairy Wig  Blonde is an adorable crop of curlicues and a great addition to any costume even tangentially related to the fay creatures among us. Whether you're going out this Halloween dressed as a forest nymph or Tinkerbell or any other famous winged magical lady and want to look your best, then you've no need to search any further than the Women's Fairy Wig  Blonde.

The Women's Fairy Wig  Blonde is a great addition to the costume of anyone going as a pixie, a brownie, or a Tinkerbell this Halloween.

Available in Sizes:
Standard - One Size
Item Includes:
Wig with Flower
Pictured items not included:
Costume and Makeup
100% Nylon
Care Instructions:
Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry