Black Hippie Party Wig

Black Hippie Party Wig
Black Hippie Party Wig

Black Hippie Party Wig

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Hey, man, like what even is Halloween anyways? It's just, like, a day. It's not like even Halloween knows that it's a holiday, you know? And you ever think about calendars, man? Calendars can't think. They were just made by the government, man, to tell us what day it is. That's how they control you. Think about it. So, like when you're wearing the Black Hippie Party Wig, trying to relive Woodstock or the Summer of Love or whatever, don't let them tell you it's not the 60's anymore! That's their rules, man, not mine! With the Black Hippie Party Wig you can relive any decade you want without The Man telling you what to do. . . but it probably makes more sense if you're going as somebody as the 60's for Halloween.

The Hippie Party Black Wig is great if you're really in Jefferson Airplane or brown acid or whatever, just don't harsh anybody's mel, alright?

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Standard - One Size
Item Includes:
Wig with long colored beads.
Pictured items not included:
Costume and Makeup
100% Nylon
Care Instructions:
Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry