Womens Pin Up Wig - Auburn

Womens Pin Up Wig - Auburn
Womens Pin Up Wig - Auburn

Womens Pin Up Wig - Auburn

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We need to bring back pin-ups. It's like they all disappeared after the end of World War II. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There was nothing wrong with cheesecake models, so why'd they go away? Did the polio vaccine accidentally rid us of them? I hope not. Oh well, even if we do, we can still dress people up as them with great costume accessories like the Women's Pin Up Wig  Auburn. There's basically no reason not to go as a pin-up model. The whole retro thing is come back in a big way, plus, do looks as good as 1940's cheesecake models ever go away? Of course not. If you're planning to go as a dame from the 40's, then look no further than the Women's Pin Up Wig  Auburn. Sure beats actually busting out a hot comb.

The Women's Auburn Pin Up Wig is an accessory for one of the best looks of all time. The cheesecake model is a classic and while the A-Bomb and our brave fighting men are what helped us win the war more than anything, I'd like to think that pin-ups did their part.

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Standard - One Size
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Wig only
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Costume and Makeup
100% Nylon
Care Instructions:
Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry