Long Pink Pop Star Wig

Long Pink Pop Star Wig
Long Pink Pop Star Wig

Long Pink Pop Star Wig

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When it comes to being a Californai gurl and/or California girl then look no further than the Long Pink Pop Star Wig. When it comes to all of your various Halloween needs look no further than this neon number. ItÕs long, itÕs got great bangs, and itÕs a perfect simacrula of AmericaÕs favorite pop sensation.The Long Pink Pop Star Wig is a great selection for Halloween night or if you just like the idea of having a head full of blue hair. And why wouldnÕt you? ItÕs a darn good look. And if itÕs good enough for candy-covered women to battle with Snoop Dogg on the beach then, by-golly, itÕs good enough for the whole world to enjoy!

For all those that love the pop infused and candy-coated sounds of Ms. Perry, then pick up the Long Pink Pop Star Wig. Everyone will be grateful that you did.

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Standard - One Size
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Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry