Girls Cowgirl Cutie Costume

Girls Cowgirl Cutie Costume
Girls Cowgirl Cutie Costume

Girls Cowgirl Cutie Costume

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Giddyup, partner! ThereÕs bandits on the prowl! Also, thereÕs a snake in your boot! But never mind that nonsense, weÕre waxing philosophical about Halloween! ThatÕs right! ItÕs that time again and the costume to get is the Girls Cowgirl Costume! This outfit is as old timey as it is adorable! Now how many outfits can claim that? IÕll tell you, not many! Not many by a long shot!

And what does it come with, you may ponder? Well, good question! ItÕs got a dress detailed with fringe (the most olde timey of all details), a pink bandana, andÑMost importantlyÑA cowboy hat! That hat is how you prove you arenÕt just some city slicker or some such other unlikable varmint! No maÕam, this outfit is the real deal! For your range-roving, gunslinging little girl grab the Girls Cowgirl Cutie Costume!

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Dress, Hat and Bandana
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Machine wash gentle cycle, do not bleach