T-Rex Dinosaur Mask

T-Rex Dinosaur Mask
T-Rex Dinosaur Mask

T-Rex Dinosaur Mask

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Will you look at this? It's the King of the Dinosaurs. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, if you're a fan of thunder-lizards or their lizard cousins, then you'll love the T-Rex Dinosaur Mask! And who doesn't love a Tyrannosaurus-Rex? Probably that jealous allosaurus or that showy spinosaurus. And what do they know? The T-Rex Dinosaur Mask is the perfect selection for the dinosaur fan with fine tastes.

And just look around you, dino-fashion is in (as though it ever went out of style). Be the original king of all monsters this Halloween with the T-Rex Dinosaur Mask!

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Available in ONE SIZE ONLY
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100% Latex
Special Feature:
Adjustable elastic tie straps & Eyes can be trimmed for greater comfort