Captain America Knit Hat

Captain America Knit Hat
Captain America Knit Hat

Captain America Knit Hat

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While thereÕs no ÒAÓ on CapÕs cap in this case, everyone around you will know exactly where you stand. The Captain America Knit Hat comes fresh off the smash-hit success of The Avengers (it is so fresh that it just might be spackled with some Chitauri blood. . .you should wash that off if it is. That canÕt be safe). Most importantly when you shout ÒAVENGERS ASSEMBLE!Ó youÕll have a little more gravitas (a vibranium shield also helps).

Celebrate the first Avenger whenever you want with the Captain America Knit Hat! From the heart of Germany to the edges of New York City to the depths of outer space, this accessory will look snazzy (and have the added benefit of looking like a patriot)!

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One Size Only
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Hat only
100% Polyester
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean, Air Dry