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You can't go wrong with our line of the Thor's Hammer! Take a look at our selection, and team up with your friends to recreate The Avengers in style!

Thors Hammer

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If you be worthy of the power of Thor this Halloween (or Comic Con or Norse-themed larping) then the Thors Hammer sub-theme is the place to be! We've got all types of Thor hammers here! From kids hammers to electronic hammers! All kinds, I say! And all there for the picking!

If you loved Thor in the Avengers, in his own film series, or in the comic books then we've got the accessories for you! These hammers are the perfect addition to your costume! Or even if you're not dressing up as the mightiest Avenger then why not just have it around? You know, just in case there's a frost troll invasion! You never know!