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Halloween Costume

Halloween costume

 accessories help you complete your costume look. Go from no prize to grand prize by adding the right items to your Halloween Costume. Choose from Make Up, Weapons, Wands and more.

Do you ever notice why the best pirate at the party has all the toys to go with it? From a sword and a pirate goblet to the colorful parrot on his shoulder. This is the proper way to finish off the best

Halloween costume

 . Many outfits do come complete and are ready to wear, but set it off with that perfect accessory to finish the look.

Make-Up has a great affect. In fact the person who won our photo contest last year did not even have a outfit, her

Halloween costume

 were made up of strictly make up. We saw a picture of her later with no Make-Up on and we could not even tell it was the same person. The same way people use it every day in front of the mirror, is the same way witches get scary, vampires have blood dripping off of their fangs or clowns can be cheerful and more fun looking.


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