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He's the King, so show royalty the respect he deserves with a rockin' outfit from our selection of Elvis Costumes! You'll be belting out Heartbreak Hotel in no time! Read More ►

Elvis Costumes

Elvis Costumes


Elvis Costumes

When you feel like you ain't nothing but a hound dog, or want to take a trip to Heartbreak Hotel, you've got to get yourself into the right kind of style for Halloween! They call him The King for a reason! Elvis Presley is deeply ingrained into the fabric of American popular culture, and his influence can be felt across many genres and for generations to come! When you're ready to get into a perfect style for your Halloween costume, you've got to take a look at our awesome selections of Elvis Costumes today!

From the 1950s through the 1960s, joining the Army in the midst of his amazing musical career, he had ten top 40 hits even as he served his country as a regular soldier! When you hit up our Elvis Costumes for sale, you'll be dressed as one of the most uniquely American pop culture icons in history! Fire up that guitar and croon some of the greatest hits in the world with our Gold Elvis Mens Costume!

Take up the trademark sideburns, the sunglasses and microphone, and browse through our Elvis Costumes accessories for boys and men to find just the right look for you and your kids! Don't settle for anything less than the best costumes you could possibly find with our high quality and affordable Elvis Costumes ideas here at Costume Kingdom!


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