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Welcome to our Storybook Wigs theme at Costume Kingdom! Whether you want to go as a damsel in distress this Halloween or a gallant hero, we have a wide array of hairpieces for you to choose from!

Looking to lasso those criminal culprits? Our Wonder Woman Wig will win over anyone! Ready to embark on an adventure in Wonderland? Then our Alice Wig is sure to get you into some tumultuous trouble! Want to take some time off for tea? Then our Mad Hatter Wig is sure to bring out the tea party in everyone! With our Storybook Wigs assortment, you can find everything you need to have oodles of spectacular, storybook silliness this Halloween!

No matter if you’re a Hansel or a Gretel, we have plenty of variety to please everyone! Everything from Wizard Wigs to Snow White Wigs to Milkmaid Wigs, Costume Kingdom has it all in our Storybook Wigs collection!

Need to find your way back to Kansas? Our Wizard of Oz Dorothy Wig will help you follow the yellow brick road! Would you rather have adventures under the sea? Take our Little Mermaid Ariel Wig for a swim! Feeling connivingly unkind to canines this season? Our Cruella De Vil Wig will help you hide those puppies!

This Halloween, with our Storybook Wigs at Costume Kingdom, you’ll have everything you need to have flurries of fantastic fabled fun this season!